Measure for Measure

Founded in June of 2017 by Artistic Director, Daimien J. Matherson, and Company Manager Kelly Johnson, Measure for Measure Theatre is a social entrepreneurship with a commitment to inclusion through the performing arts. We are comprised of a for-profit production company, Measure for Measure Theatre, LLC, and a non-profit performing arts internship program, Measure for Measure Beyond The Stage. These two entities work in tandem to create the productions Measure for Measure has brought to South Florida over the last 2 years and continues to grow with each step we take while providing opportunities for all local artists and students. We are dedicated to representing our vision and upholding our mission because we believe in what the arts can do for all the lives we touch.

Our Vision Statement

We believe theatre is crucial for both the performer and audience to gaining awareness of self and the world around us. As Augusto Boal said, "Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves." We push our performers to demonstrate the most vulnerable realities of being human. It’s vital to produce shows that open a dialogue and promote change.

Our Mission Statement

We feel it is crucial to the promotion and sustainability of  our  local  theatre  community  to  provide  opportunities  to  up  and  coming  actors,  musicians,  and  theatre  technicians. These individuals are the foundation of theatre to come and providing an environment for them to succeed will promote strength and artistry for years to come. We are dedicated to  providing that environment, inclusion of all artists, and promoting the growth of each artist that becomes apart of the Measure for Measure Family.


Inclusivity is a staple of all we do here at Measure for Measure. We believe that artists of all backgrounds, color, handi-capabilities, genders, and sexual orientation are part of making this world beautiful. That's the beauty we want to bring to our stage, our classes, and our community. Standing by this principle gives us the chance to work with and teach the most diverse group of artists. 

Type casting doesn't equal appropriate casting. A Princess can be beautiful AND curvy. Male and Female aren't the only ways a character can present. Just because someone's legs might be wheels doesn't mean they can't own a stage with grace. 

The performing arts are for everyone. We welcome anyone with the passion and work ethic to join our internship program. We vow to accommodate any individual within our ability to ensure they can get the same opportunities as any of their peers. We are working diligently to develop classes for people of all abilities. From dance classes for those in wheel chairs, to music and acting classes for those on the spectrum, to art/music therapy based groups for anyone to join. We are currently raising money to make programs like this to come to fruition. You can donate at the link below to help us to this goal.

Money shouldn't be what's between you and the arts. We offer no cost hands on internships for technical theatre. We are building a program that will offer competitive class and private lesson prices, low cost/scholarship opportunities for classes and private lessons, and monthly free community classes. We are currently raising money to make programs like this to come to fruition. You can donate at the link below to help us to this goal.

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Join us on our Mission of Inclusion in the Arts!

  • Help to raise money so all artists can have equal opportunities
  • Have your voice heard in quarterly and planning meetings
  • Be part of a community that makes the performing arts a family

For more information email

Board President, Sharyn Peoples

Artistic Director, Daimien J. Matherson

Our Home: The Sunrise Civic Center

Where are we?

 The City’s intimate 300-seat theatre with mezzanine features a full production-size stage, an orchestra pit and state-of-the-art sound and lighting. Simply put, there's not a bad seat in the house. Make the Civic Center Theatre your first choice for quality, affordable entertainment, including theatrical presentations, musical performances and children's programming. 

Company Members

Daimien J. Matherson

Owner and Artistic Director

Kelly Johnson

Genesis Perez

Production Manager

Sharyn Peoples

Board President

Murphy Hayes

Managing Director and Graphic Designer

Company Associates

Chris Gacinski

Resident Percussionist

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