Measure for Measure Theatre

What we are:

Measure for Measure Beyond the Stage is our nonprofit entity committed to providing an education in performance arts and the technical aspects surrounding them through internships and classes conducted by active professionals in the field. 


  • Acting
  • Vocal Performance
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Design and Engineering
  • Set Design and Construction
  • Costume Design
  • Props Master
  • Stage Management
  • Directing
  • Music Directing
  • Pit Musicians
  • Choreography
  • Arts Education
  • Publicity  and  Marketing

Do What You Love

Join our team of successful interns in all these areas for on the job experience working along side professionals in the field all while earning professional resume credits.

Our Mentors

Daimien J. Matherson BA, MS

Kelly Johnson BA

Justin Landers BFA, MFA

Kodi Miller BFA

Amanda Corbett MFA

Nicole Perry MA/PhD, ABD  

Become a Donor Today

Make a difference in the lives of aspiring performing and technical artists by providing the funds needed for the space, equipment, and materials needed to hone their skills. 

Contact us below to learn how to donate.

Contact us to learn about internships & becoming a donor.

Measure for Measure Beyond the Stage

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Build a life doing what you love!