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Measure for Measure Theatre

In The Heights


Florida Theatre On Stage

" Measure For Measure Theatre’s rousing production in Sunrise brings into focus that Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegria Hudes' musical is, at its heart, about the twin themes of dreams and community, and their intersection. With passion and ebullience, this edition documents an evolving fluid community of varied mutually supportive souls pursuing a variety of dreams. "

5 Minutes to Curtain

"Each character gets their moment to shine and each actor took their opportunity and ran with it...  Every cast member needs to be congratulated for a job well done.."

Murder Ballad


Theatrical Musings

"Matherson and knows when to ratchet up suspense. In addition, he emphasizes tenderness, steaminess, vulnerability and unbridled, hard-core, almost primitive sexuality when the show calls for each of these." 

Florida Theatre On Stage

"Matherson along with assistant director Murphy Hayes and choreographer Kelly Johnson have infused a visceral physicality that delivers the sense of people consumed by – actually a prisoner of – lust when their actual obsession is for something that sex cannot slake."

Around Town Magazine

"To bring this Off-Broadway sensation to South Florida, one would need superlative actors/singers, a spot-on choreographer and expert back-up band. Happily, hot new Measure for Measure theatre company has come through, once again, with all of the above and a hip, creative staging at Broward Center's Abdo New River Room." 

35MM: A Musical Exhibition


Around Town Magazine

"Kelly Johnson's innovative choreography turned the musical, at times, into a radical dance recital infused with emotional content." 

Miami Art Magazine

" . . . this show’s fusing of multiple disciplines creates a unique live experience. It’s one which will deepen your appreciation for the potentialities of musical theater – and instill you with hope for its future."

Next to Normal


Talkin' Broadway

"Measure for Measure Theatre's presentation of Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey's Next to Normal treats mental illness with all the respect, sensibility and honesty it deserves. The result is a captivating and thought-provoking production that perhaps will help you to consider loss, grief and pain in a new way."

Berkshire Fine Arts

"Matherson wrings every ounce of passion, pathos, wry humor, vulnerability and sensitivity from the talented six-member cast."

Florida Theatre On Stage

"It’s triumph in the midst of tragedy, and the message is loud and clear."

Sun Sentinel

"Sabrina Lynn Gore has one of her most challenging roles to date as Diana, and with intensity, humor and passion, she rises to the occasion."

More Chatter about Measure for Measure

Bill Hirschman (South Florida On Stage)

 "Measure for Measure Theatre has once again plugged into the marrow and guts of a contemporary piece to produce a powerful evening." 

Mindy Leaf (Around Town Magazine)

“(Y)our experience will be first rate!”

Aaron Krause (Berkshire Fine Arts)

 "Expect quality theater from them [Measure for Measure Theatre] for a long time to come."